Inland Boats

Over half a century, Jeffboat built the hardest working, longest lasting towboats on the water with a commitment to innovative engineering and quality craftsmanship. Today, our team of the industry's most experienced and highly skilled naval architects and craftsmen upholds this legacy and continues to elevate the standard for innovation with the latest advancements in engineering and manufacturing technologies.
Advanced Engineering
Utilizing the latest three-dimensional computer-aided drafting (CAD) technology, we design each towboat to our customers' specifications. Every component and feature is engineered and crafted for maximum power, efficiency, endurance and comfort, and every design element is virtually constructed and tested prior to hitting the water.
Powerful Capabilities
With two production pads dedicated to towboat construction, measuring 80' x 400' and 40' x 400', Jeffboat has the capacity to construct towboats of any size with any level of design complexity. Our expansive, modern facilities enable us to meet our customers' needs with flexible, high-volume, high-speed production. In addition to the scope of our operations, we have the engineering and manufacturing capabilites and expertise to incorporate the latest technologies and customize configurations and features:
  • Z-drive propulsion
  • Conventional drive systems with integrated Kort nozzles and articulating rudders
  • Advanced navigation systems
  • Custom layouts and features for maximum crew safety, productivity and comfort
Established Quality Assurance Program
Our comprehensive quality assurance program includes rigorous testing in full compliance with U.S. Coast Guard requirements, and our quality and safety standards meet or exceed those of the Coast Guard, providing a level of confidence that can only be achieved by partnering with Jeffboat for your boat fleet needs.
Powerful Advantages
With unmatched capabilities, experience and expertise, Jeffboat provides maximum production flexibility, fast turn-around times and significant cost efficiencies.
Boat Power Options
  • Harbor Boat Class
  • 2,000 HP Class
  • 3,000 HP Class
  • 4,000 HP Class
  • 6,000 HP Class
  • 7,500 HP Class
  • 9,000 HP+ Class