Inland Barges

Jeffboat has a long legacy of building the strongest, hardest working, longest lasting barges on the inland waterways with a commitment to innovative engineering and quality craftsmanship. Today, our team of the most experienced and highly skilled naval architects and craftsmen employ the latest advancements in engineering and manufacturing technologies to design and construct a wide range of stock and custom configurations for liquid tank barges and dry hopper barges.

Advanced Engineering Capabilities

We utilize the latest three-dimensional computer-aided drafting (CAD) technology to custom design barges to our customers' specifications, enabling us to test every element of engineering before it ever hits the water. Our advanced engineering systems orchestrate production to ensure maximum precision and efficiency, including:

  • Production of detailed drawings of the fabrication and assembly of components
  • Automatic allocation of materials from inventory
  • Communication of design specifications directly to production equipment

Powerful Capabilities

Jeffboat operates five production lines with the capacity, capabilities and flexibility to construct as many as 25 vessels simultaneously with maximum speed and efficiency, equating to fast turn-around times and significant cost savings for our customers. 

Quality Assurance

Our comprehensive quality assurance program includes the testing of every component after assembly and the spot testing of welds on dry hopper barges using advanced x-ray and ultrasonic technology. All tank barges are subject to regulatory testing by the U.S. Coast Guard. Rigorous testing and quality assurance throughout every phase of production give our customers a levelo of confidence only Jeffboat can provide. 

30k Tank Barge

30k Heated Tank Barge
10k Tank Barge
150k Unit Tow
Covered Hopper