Our Capabilities



The nation's largest inland shipyard, Jeffboat spans 80 acres with one mile of river front. Our expansive facilities include five production lines and two production pads, measuring 80' x 400' and 40' x 400', which are dedicated to building towboats. Our capabilities include construction of towboats, dry hopper barges, liquid tank barges, deck barges, and ocean-going vessels. We have the capacity and flexibility to build as many as 25 vessels simultaneously.

Advanced fabrication capabilities enable us to build the most complex designs and configurations. We employ lean manufacturing strategies, including just-in-time procurement of materials, for maximum production speed, efficiency, and flexibility. Our advanced engineering systems orchestrate every stage of production from ordering and routing materials to communicating design specifications directly to automated equipment throughout the shipyard.

Components are tested as they are assembled and welds, all performed with precision by ABS certified Jeffboat welders or robotic welding eqipment, are spot tested using x-ray and ultrasonic technology. In addition, all tank barges are subject to regulatory testing by the U.S. Coast Guard. All of our towboats are U.S. Coast Guard approved vessels designed and built in adherance with the agency's stringent standards.

Streamlined processes, advanced manufacturing technologies, and a comprehensive quality assurance program ensure fast, cost-effective, on-time delivery of the highest quality vessels for our customers.