Our Capabilities


Boat and Barge Repair

Jeffboat provides a wide range of dry dock, repair and machining services.

With a 62' by 200' dry dock with 2,200-ton capacity, we are equipped to perform maintenance and repairs of barges and towboats. Our machine shop provides a full range of services, including fabrications and repairs of tail shafts, rudders and wheels.

All repairs and machining work are overseen by our team of on-site engineers, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

We provide the most efficient, cost effective, and reliable services, upholding Jeffboat's long legacy of innovative engineering and the highest quality craftsmanship.

For rates and scheduling, contact Jamie Stricker, 812.288.0592 or james.stricker@jeffboat.com.

View Jeffboat's Boat and Barge Repair Standard Terms and Conditions.