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Get an inside view of the art of shipbuilding and how Jeffboat builds greater value on the water with innovative engineering, lean manufacturing and the highest quality craftsmanship.
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Master Shipbuilders

On the banks of the Ohio River, steel is transformed from a mere metal into nautical masterpieces grand in stature and strong in performance by the master shipbuilders of Jeffboat, the nation’s largest and longest continually operated inland shipyard.


For over 180 years, Jeffboat has been mastering the art and science of shipbuilding with an unwavering commitment to innovative engineering and the highest quality craftsmanship.


With a team of the most experienced and highly skilled naval architects, engineers, and craftsmen equipped with the latest advancements in engineering and manufacturing technologies, we have the capability to design and build inland barges, towboats and ocean-going vessels to meet the unique and evolving needs of our customers.


We employ lean manufacturing strategies to maximize production speed and efficiency in combination with a comprehensive quality assurance program.


The time has come for you to discover how Jeffboat is building greater value on the water.